चिड़िया (Bird)

English Translation 


I do not fear those Iron bars,
In which you want to cage me.
Instead I am proud of myself,
As you fear my courage to measure the world.
I am that bird,
If you will cage, will never get.
And if I be free,
To fly high with my wings,
Only then you will get me.


Pristine Emotions Launched

Pristine Emotions
Pristine Emotions

Hello friends,

It is a wonderful feeling when one’s dreams come true.

Diwali 2020 i.e. November 14th, 2020 was a similar day for me!

My book Pristine Emotions got published on that day and it is certainly the nicest Diwali for me ever. A great gift by God to me!

A brief about Pristine Emotions:

Pristine Emotions is a collection of feelings, emotions, expressions, gratitude and human values.

This paradise of poems and few insights of wisdom takes you to a new world – “your own hidden world”. A world, the repository of all those feelings, expressions which you longed to speak out loud at times. Also, those emotions you believe in and were desperately waiting to listen.
Pristine Emotions is a bright fusion of different colours and shades of life.

Friends, my humble request is to kindly enjoy the book Pristine Emotions once. Do share and spread the news about it’s launch to your friends and family.

It will be also be available on amazon kindle, Amazon.com, Ingram etc soon.

Wish a very happy diwali to you and your family!
Be safe and take care!

One can purchase the book from the following link:






The Beautiful Bond

My Freedom

चलो मेरे साथ…


Come with me,
Let's walk,
Through the lanes of your childhood.
Those days when you,
Were busy in entangled kite and the wires,
Sometimes as role playing of doctor of ants.
No worries or no complexities.
Only thing that was present,
Was mother 's loving lap,
And father's superficial scolding.
Today also, nothing has changed.
Come let's again get entangled,
Let's do some rounds of naughtiness.
So what, that I am your daughter?
When you will look attentively,
You will find mother 's love in me,
And while doing mistake,
You will get scolding like the father.
So tell me,
Should we again visit,
through the lanes of your childhood??