Rare but found everywhere!

Dear friends

Happy to share with you all that one of my creative work became a part and got published as co-author in the anthology ‘Ola Amigos’

I know that my posts are missing on the platform these days. I am preparing a surprise for all of you in the month of October this year. Kindly bear with me.

One can contact me on Instagram: thejourneytolearn

Thank you for always being my source of inspiration! Be positive, soon the pandemic shall pass.

Till then be safe and calm!

Truly and faithfully yours

Sneha Shrivastava (The Unsaid Words)

Dear Friend Followers

Dear friends,

This is a review and feedback blog post. Kindly share what is it on my blog that is loosing your interest.

Have you become tired of my posts? Are they not good?

If it is so, please comment what you want to read or talk about.

I will be more than happy to read a genuine and fare response. Just share what is the issue that is creating a gap between you and me. It’s my humble request to all, please respond.

You and your reviews are precious as gem.

Eagerly waiting for the reply!

Truly and faithfully yours

Sneha (The Unsaid Words)